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AR0135 - Course Program and Grading

The AR0135 - Technoledge "PURe Forms" course takes 10 weeks. On this page you will find the schedule and deliverables for each week. The final grade is a combination of all deliverables.

Program overview

The main task for this course will be the design and fabrication of a small non-standard architectural object. To actually achieve the required result (a built object) within the short time frame of 8 weeks, will require strict planning and well-coordinated teamwork. The products delivered by the end of week 3.5 determine whether the object can actually be built.

A "this-should-more-or-less-be-OK" approach will not suffice!! If the products are not sufficient and correct, the object can and will not be built.

To make sure the products delivered in week 3.5 are according to the required specifications, collaboration is key in the success of the course. To keep track of progress and to spread knowledge throughout the group a weblog will be set up where the students will regularly post updates of their ideas, findings, etc. The teaching team, the factory and other students can place comments.

The course is roughly divided in five parts. Most of the work is done either in smaller teams or as one big team. All the deadlines are at noon on Friday.

  Team size Final products Deadline
Preliminary Design teams of 3 or 4 Preliminary design, concept fabrication process and planning, ... week 3.3
Pre-fabrication teams of 3 or 4 Final shop drawings, fabrication process and planning, ... week 3.5
Prototyping teams of 3 or 4 Test results week 3.7
Fabrication team of 10 The built object week 3.8
Reflection individual Personal reflective essay week 3.10

The following is a week by week description of the tasks. Due to the tight schedule to design and fabricate the object, the deadlines are very strict!

Week 1 - Preparation

Before the first workshop you should familiarize yourself with the software used during the course. For this we have selected 3 TOI-pedia articles that we consider prerequisite knowledge.

Course material

Week 2 - Concept Sketch Design

During the second week every group of approximately 3 or 4 students will make a concept design keeping the build method in mind.

Course material


Every group hands in the Rhino model of their concept sketch design.
See handing in page for deadline and handing in.

Week 3 - Preliminary design

During the third week the concept sketch is further developed into a preliminary design. The preliminary designs are presented during the workshop. After the presentation the group together with the teacher(s) will select one of the designs to be fabricated.

Course material


Every group hands in the Rhino model of their preliminary design and their presentation.
See handing in page for deadline and handing in.

Week 4 - Rationalization the design

During the fourth week all students will work together on rationalizing the design. Extensive communication within the group must result in a design that will be possible to fabricate within the short time available.


Concept files, documents, etc. required for the fabrication at the factory.
See handing in page for deadline and handing in.

Week 5 - Final design

In order to actually build the object, the files, documents, etc. need to be finished and accurate so the actual building process can be tested.


All final files, documents, etc. required for the fabrication.
See handing in page for deadline and handing in.

Week 6 & 7 - Testing and prototyping

To get rid of small issues, prototyping and testing needs to be done. Small changes to the process or design can still be made.


Revised documents.
See handing in page for deadline and handing in.

Week 8 - Fabrication in Izmir

During this week the actual object will be build.


By the end of the week the object has to be ready for a grand opening celebration.

Week 9 & 10 - Final Products

During the last two weeks every student will need to write a reflective essay of his or her tasks, views and input in the process.


Every student will hand in his or her reflective essay.
See handing in page for deadline and handing in.

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