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AR0135 - Technoledge "Flowing composites"

The Technoledge Design Informatics course is an international course. For the first quarter of 2015-2016 we will again collaborate with the Yasar University in Izmir, Turkey. In this course you will design and build a small architectural object from composite materials in close collaboration with the industry. At the end of the course we will travel to Izmir to build the object.

To accomplisch the task of designing and building a non standard architectural object, you will design in the computer, as a team. This design will be rationalized during the design process to support the manufacturing of the composite parts.

For this course you will acquire knowledge of parametric design strategies and fabrication techniques related to non standard architecture, skills to translate design constraints, variables and goals into a parametric model and be able to design complex 3 dimensional architectural objects (by using computer models) that are rationalized in support of the manufacturing process.

Burnham pavilion in Chicago by UNStudio
Burnham Pavilion in Chicago by UNStudio

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