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AR0051: Digital Presentation Portfolio


This course will run for a whole semester, during which we will help you create a web-based portfolio of your own products, with the main objective to be able to present yourself in a digital way, with hints for the binary do's and dont's.


After a general introduction on portfolios, there will be focus on three aspects of the presentation portfolio: use(r), content and character. These aspects will be assessed by analysis, reflection and application in a circular way. During the course, criteria will be explored that can provide a solid base for decision making in the creation process of the portfolio. In this process, we will also actively approach the portfolio-user-market in order to form a clear picture of the intended ‘users’. Besides these “soft” aspects of portfolio design, the technical aspects also will get attention. The programme offers support for different web based tools/environments like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


The following topics give a general overview of the exercises: All excersises will require a reflection on the other's work, in order to generate a critical attitude towards one's own work.


The submissions of the exercises can all be found here:


If you want to contact us, you can either visit us at the office location mentioned at the general TOI webpage, or send an e-mail to toi-bk@tudelft.nl (please start your subject with "AR0051: ", so we can easily recognize and handle your mail).
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