TU Delft

Using VPN to contact license server

Every student and employee of the TU Delft can connect to the university network through VPN. This might be necessary to contact the license server, located on the university network.

Please note that you DO NOT need to use VPN when you're on the campus network:

Only when you're on a home internet connection, you need to use VPN.
VPN is a service provided by the TU Delft. You can contact your ICT servicedesk for support on VPN:

Getting help for VPN and your Service-account:

Please refer to your local ICT servicedesk:

@Hok Student ICT Support Bouwkunde:
BG.midden.130 (between Stylos and Epoint)

Servicepoint Bouwkunde:
Telephone: 015-2789805
Email: ServicepuntBK@tudelft.nl


  1. A working internet connection
  2. Your netID and password

Note: If you're using a TU Delft connection in on one of the DuWo housings, you do NOT need to use VPN.


VPN uses the netID for authentication, suffixed by @tudelft.nl.

More information on netID authentication.

If you have any problems with your netID, please contact the ICT support desk of your faculty.

VPN client installation

All information about VPN can be found on http://vpn.tudelft.nl.
You will find the software and a installation manual there.

If you're using a 64-bits version of Windows, you won't be able to use the Cisco VPN client. Information about an alternative is provided on the @Hok Student ICT Support 64-bits VPN page.

If you have any problems with VPN, please contact the ICT support desk of your faculty.


Only when your VPN is properly set-up and working (with an active VPN-connection!), continue to start Maya. If your VPN is not working or your License file hasn't been set-up properly, starting Maya will definitly NOT work.

Common pittfalls:

If you have a firewall: disable it (including Windows built-in) when you experience problems, so you can determine if it's causing the problems.