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3D rafter with offset direction update

Author: Rudi Stouffs
Date: 2006-11-15


Creates a 3d rafter from a single curve, by creating three offset curves forming a T (in section, where the original curve forms the junction of the T) and connecting the three curves. The beam at the bottom of the T is slightly shortened.


Source the .mel file.
Select a single curve, then call the proc rafter3dv with four arguments, first the offset direction (bottom direction of the T) as a vector, second the distance between the beams of the rafter (length of the long stroke and transverse stroke of the T), third the number of divisions on the beams at the top of the T, fourth the radius of extrusion of the beams and connecting bars.
For example: rafter3dv(<< 0, -1, 0 >>, 1.0, 20, 0.05);


Script type mel 3d_rafter_with_offset_direction.mel Download - View source



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